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The knowledge to drive performance and extend your competitive advantage

Travelport Competitive Insights captures historic and current passenger bookings, helping you to shape the future direction of your travel agency.

Travelport Competitive Insights

Compare to peers

  • Benchmark your business in the context that matters
  • Visualize your current growth opportunities
  • Gain insights into new markers

Improve partnerships

  • Better present your value to the airlines
  • Improve your position during negotiations
  • Track promotions

Understand passengers

  • Understand current and up-coming travel trends
  • Identify Behavioral changes
  • Explore regional variations

Driving actions across the agency

  • Sales and Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    Traveler intent data is showing some new trends, online marketing is updated to reflect the market needs

  • Procurement


    Renegotiate supplier terms in-light of your market performance

  • Operations


    After analyzing route performance, pricing policy is adjusted to improve conversion

  • Strategy


    There is a clear expansion opportunity identified, plans are put in place to execute

  • Finance


    Next year's budgets are due, market insights help determine growth targets

Utilizing MIDT files (core GDS bookings) and shopping search request inputs, we have compiled travel industry analytics to help drive your business to its next level. These analytics will highlight day to day and future actions that are designed to place your agency on a trajectory for success.